article writing tips 3 quick ways to find a topic to write about

Article Writing Tips For Selecting A Good Topic To Write About
Here are three tips that you can use to quickly and easily select and article topic to write about. This can help you produce a larger number of articles as you go along because you will not just be limited to those topics that may be of the greatest interest to you, but rather opens yourself up to additional experiences of your past.
Tip #1 - Choose A Topic That You have Had Past Experience With
The first tip is different than some other advice that is out there about picking a topic that you are passionate about. Sometimes it is difficult to narrow in to your passion right away, so instead, try picking a topic of something that you have simply done before in the past. This will give you a wide-range of experience from which to choose and it won’t limit you only to those which ‘you are passionate about.’
If you are willing to write about something that you have been through in the past then this will give you first-hand experience and you will generally write with more conviction and more empathy to connect with your readers. Passions are something that might be off in the distance and not a part of your life or set of experiences; that is why it can be a great advantage to reach behind you and pull from your own past.
Tip #2 - Choose A Topic That You Just Heard About On The News
One of the surefire ways to find a hot topic is to just switch on the television and pull from three sources: Oprah, the nightly news, or a show like The View. Theses hot-topic type shows will provide well researched ideas that the television producers have already seen to engage viewers in heated or passionate discussion. Learn from their wisdom about the hot topics and add in your own two cents to create your unique article on a topic that you just learned of recently.